5 Reasons Why You Need To Try New O-Works Putters

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Odyssey O-Works putters are now available for pre-sale and will be available everywhere on Feb. 17. If you were on the fence about trying one, allow us to provide five compelling reasons why you definitely should…

1. The roll from the Microhinge Insert is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Microhinge consists of a 304 stainless steel hinge plate backed by a thermoplastic elastomer layer. In layman terms, it’s incredibly soft and gets the ball rolling IMMEDIATELY. (Putters without any face milling or face technology will ride the face slightly at impact and depart with backspin. This sends the golf ball into a skid for the first 10 inches of the putt before it achieves forward roll. Generating top spin is crucial because it will allows more consistency in speed while allowing the golf ball to start on line and stay on line).  You’ll be able to feel, see and hear the difference with O-Works.

2. Phil Mickelson Immediately switched into it

Lefty doesn’t like to switch his putter often, but when Odyssey Principal Designer Austie Rollinson put a Microhinge insert into his Versa #9 before the Ryder Cup, it was love at first sight. “Better roll. Softer feel. Easiest transition ever,” Phil texted to Austie after he first used it.  He went on to record a 2-1-1 Ryder Cup record including an epic final round 62 that included 10 birdies!

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3. We added even more Versa alignment

The thermoplastic elastomer layer behind our Microhinge plate gives us our softest feel ever (and you all know how soft White Hot was). Combine that with our new Versa T alignment system and you have a putter that is virtually impossible to misalign. Along with the traditional black and white contrast of Versa, O-Works includes parallel and perpendicular red lines for added contrast.

4. Early Tour adoption

Hearing positive feedback from Tour pros is a key sign to a hot product and O-Works has been no exception. The very first week we launched O-works we got 10 in play in South Africa. Not only that, one player using a Microhinge insert in an Odyssey prototype finished 2nd after losing in a playoff. This week in Dubai that number has grown to 11 O-Works in play, including three 1Ws, three 2-Balls, and three Tank 7s. It’s pretty clear that word is starting to spread on Tour that this Microhinge insert is no joke.

5. Don’t take our word for it…Check out some of these O-Works reviews from the Callaway Community

“The ball rolls immediately off the face. It does not hop or skid, just rolls right away. Distance control is excellent.” – Alon A., 14.9 handicap

“Gets the ball rolling immediately and on line right where I aimed. Insert does exactly what it is supposed to.” – Ryan M, 11 handicap

“It’s been awesome to actually feel comfortable walking up to a putt and know your going to make it.” – Christopher M, 9.6 handicap

You could read more O-Works reviews here. And if you’ve tried it, make sure you join a Community thread and share your feedback.

Tony Toulon
Born in Wisconsin, raised in San Diego, and went to school in San Francisco (where he was a member of the men's golf team for four years). Tony covers all of Odyssey's social channels, as well as Tour and product news.
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