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Well, it’s official, O-Works is here and it couldn’t be off to a better start.  Not only has it been tremendously successful at retail, O-Works and it’s Microhinge insert is off to a blazing hot start on TOUR.  I decided to check in with our main man and Odyssey PGA TOUR rep Matt Haneline to get the inside scoop.

Q: Microhinge is off to a hot start. What has the buzz been like for the O-Works launch on TOUR?

A:  Buzz is palpable.  Everyone that has used or tested O Works has seen an improvement in how the ball rolls, the ball starts online better and overall speed control seems to be better.

Q: What kind of performance benefits have we been seeing from the Microhinge insert?

A:  Again I’d say the biggest performance benefit players notice immediately is an improved roll.  The ball seems to hug the ground better, stay on line longer and speed control seems to improve because of how consistent the ball leaves the face on putt after putt.

Interactive: Deconstructing The Microhinge Insert

Q:  Do you anticipate more and more players switching into O-Works?

A:  Ya plenty.  The early season and west coast are usually slower because players have spent all off season getting ready to play so they are usually pretty good with their gamers.  Also the greens are really difficult.  Poa is not that friendly and can wreak havoc on a player’s confidence when they see the ball bouncing all over the green.  Once we get to Honda and on some really tight Bermuda I think we’ll see a lot more conversion.

Q: Phil was obviously an early adopter of Microhinge.  Does TOUR player interest spike when there are influencers like Phil using the latest technology?

A:  Most definitely.  Those guys are always looking to what their peers are having success with.  If someone gets hot with something you can pretty much count on the next week a bunch of players asking for the same things.

Phil Mickelson’s Switch to Microhinge

Q: What is the difference in feel from O-Works to previous Odyssey models?

A:  Not much, I’d say that it fits right in line with that legendary Odyssey feel players have grown up on.  I think that’s one of the reasons so many players choose Odyssey is for the feel of our inserts.  Now we have the same great feel but an incredible technology that help players roll the ball better.

Q: How do the best players in the world benefit from the added topspin applied to the golf ball from Microhinge?

A:  Everyone can benefit from getting the ball rolling faster.  The faster the ball gets rolling the less chance it has to bounce or skid offline.  Also when the ball is bouncing or skidding it loses a lot of energy so that negatively effects the speed or distance control the players have.

Q: Will this benefit golfers of all skill levels?

A:  No doubt

Q: How important is alignment to TOUR players?

A:  Alignment is the second most important thing in my opinion in putting only behind correctly reading the green. You could have the perfect stroke, perfect speed but if you’re not aimed correctly you have zero chance of making the putt.



Q: Are TOUR players liking the added Versa alignment contrast of O-Works?

A:  It is split 50/50.  Putting is so personal, some guys love the added benefit that versa gives them. Others prefer just a simple one color finish.  This is 100% personal preference however those who have switched or do use Versa Technology rely heavily on it to help them aim the putter

Q: O-Works comes in two counterbalance options, the #1 and #7.  Should amateur players who have used an anchored stroke in the past look into our O-Works Tank putters?

A:  It can be a great option, it can actually be a great option for players that use standard traditional putters as well.  Counterbalancing really does a good job in stabilizing the player to smooth out flaws in their stroke.

Q: TOUR players come to you with crazy putter requests all the time.  What is the strangest putter request you’ve had?

A:  Actually their requests are usually not that out of the norm, they are very particular about how the putters sole when you set them down and very sensitive to sightlines. Most of our custom work is changing sightlines from either, a dot, to a topline to a back line.

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