Review: O-Works V-Line Fang Draws High Praise From Golf Magazine

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We’ve been hearing a ton of positive feedback on the new O-Works putters with Microhinge insert, and the recent results from Golf Magazine’s Club Test confirmed what most golfers are telling us.

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To begin, let’s take a look at the “bottom line” analysis from their panel:

“Chart-topping impact feel makes this one of the best in the test. The Odyssey O-Works V-Line Fang CH delivers a high degree of control from all distances and looks great in the process.”

And here is what they had to say about each performance feature of the putter:

On Distance Control:  “Testers see predictable results- guys lag the ball close from all lengths; Reliable, even when struck away from the sweet spot.”

On Feel: “Tops in the test- an amazing sensation, almost like it’s made of Super Ball rubber; soft, somewhat springy feel; stable on off-center hits with little to no twist, even on bad misses.”

On Look: “Standout black and white color scheme makes aim automatic; prominent slight lines are impossible to miss, and they work well; compact head gives confidence that you’ll go drain-o.”

On Technology: “The face has micro hinges that flex at impact to produce a smooth, consistent roll.”

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You can also read what the Callaway Community is saying about them HERE.

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