Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Toulon Design Indianapolis

FOR the dad who doesn’t always hit the center of the putter face

The Indy offers the highest MOI of any Odyssey putter, meaning you’ll get an extremely smooth roll on off-center hits.


O-Works #7 WBW

FOR the dad who wants a more straight back, straight through stroke

The O-Works #7 features a double bend shaft and promotes a straight back, straight through putting stroke. The white/black/white design creates stark contrast to assist with alignment.



O-Works 2-Ball

FOR the dad that struggles to line up his putts

The Odyssey 2-ball design features the legendary 2-Ball alignment to help ensure every putt starts on the desired line.



O-Works #1 Wide

FOR the dad who isn’t sure if he should be using a blade or mallet

The O-Works #1 Wide features a wider head to help control the putter face throughout the stroke.



Toulon Design Austin

FOR the dad who has a moderately arced putting stroke

The Austin is a clean, classic blade with a 45° toe hang, making it an ideal choice for players with a moderate arcing stroke.



Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper

FOR the dad who struggles around the green

The X-Tank Chipper is an easy-to-hit option near the green. It helps produce a low running shot and more consistent contact.


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