How To Use Toulon Garage & Design Your Dream Putter

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We’ve just completed one our most anticipated putter rollouts (no pun intended) since the invention of the White Hot Insert and are ready to launch it to the world.

The all new Toulon Garage allows you fully customize ANY of the putters in the Toulon Design line. You now have the opportunity to build the putter you’ve always wanted with our slick interactive configurator, which lets you see step-by-step exactly what your new flat stick will look like.

Below is a full walkthrough (complete with screenshots) of the interface. We suggest you take a few minutes and mess around with it as well. While you’re at it, screenshot your design and post it on our Facebook page or tweet it to us.

Step 1. Handedness 
– Click on your dominant hand to get started.

Step 2. Putter Head 
– Choose between any of the 10 (!!) different head options to find your ideal shape.

Step 3.  Hosel Shape 
– Choose the hosel that matches your eye and stroke preference.

Step 4. Finish 
– Choose from a Black Pearl, Rose Gold or Satin finish.

Step 5. Alignment Aid 
– Choose from Flange Line, No Sight, Top Line, or Sight Dot.

Step 6. Paint Fill
– You can fill the lines on the face, alignment aid and Toulon logo with the color (10 available) of your choice.

Step 7. Stamping
– To personalize your putter even more, you can stamp up to four characters on the heel and toe of the putter head.

Step 8. Sole Plate Weight
– Choose between a 7, 20 or 40 gram sole plate for your ideal feel.

Step 9. Grip
– Choose from a wide selection of colorful grips, including Lamkin and SuperStroke.

Step 10. Shaft
– Choose between steel or black steel.

Step 11. Length– Choose the length of putter than suits your height and stroke.

Step 12. Loft and Lie– Select the loft and lie combination that will get the ball rolling best for you. (If you’re unsure what loft and lie is best for your stroke, we suggest getting fit first.)

Step 13. Summary– Review the selections you’ve made and view your final design. Then order up and start making more birdies!

**CLICK HERE To get started on your own design**

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