O-Works Black & Red Coming August 4th

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Odyssey is excited to announce the O-Works Black and Red lines, coming August 4th. Adding to the popular O-Works line with the Versa alignment paint scheme, Red and Black will both feature the tour proven and game changing Microhinge Insert Technology.


The O-Works Black line offers a clean, traditional black finish in a blend of blades and mallets.  The #1 and #7 head shapes are familiar to Odyssey but the line offers many new shpaes like the #2W extended blade, and mid-mallets #3T and #2M CS. The crank-neck 330M mid-mallet is a shape Odyssey enthusiasts will recognize, making its first appearance in several years.  Also new to the line is the #7S.  Same classic head shape with the tour-inspired short slant neck that has a ¾ offset.



Inspired by Daniel Berger’s custom red 2-Ball, O-Works Red will be offered in the #7, #7S, and 2-Ball.  Our mantra is to do right by the golfer and when we were approached by our tour players to make red putters it was business as usual.



“We’ve had quite a few customers who have told us that they would love to have the option of an O-Works model with a simple, clean look at address. So we looked into that extensively with building prototypes in several different color options with the Black and Red. We’ve had an exceptional response on Tour and with golfers who have seen them, so we’re thrilled to get them out to the marketplace.  And the short slant neck hosel on the #7 is something we’re really excited about as well,” says Odyssey GM Sean Toulon.

Tony Toulon
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