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This week our good friends at GolfWRX were kind enough to help us host a live chat between our Odyssey Team and the WRX community. We had a lot of fun talking putters with their passionate fan base, and we got a lot of great insights into our new O-Works Red and Black Putters and the rest of our Odyssey line.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from our Team, which included Sean Toulon (Callaway, SVP and Odyssey General Manager), Luke Williams (Sr. Global Brand Director, Irons & Putters), Joe Toulon (Odyssey Technician), Tony Toulon (Odyssey Social Media Coordinator), and Austie Rollinson (Odyssey Chief Designer):

Check Out The Full Live Chat Here

What Tour Pros Think Of O-Works And Our Revolutionary Microhinge Insert 

From Sean: “Tour players loved the roll of micro hinge right away. The momentum continues to build for microhinge on tour in large part due to O-Works Black and O-Works Red. I think initially some players resisted micro hinge because it was soft. However, players quickly adapted to the feel (similar to what happened when we first introduced the White Hot insert years ago) and are seeing huge benefits with the roll of the microhinge insert.”

The Most Popular Head Shapes

From Sean: “The 2-Ball is always an extremely popular model for us at retail, but for the last couple of years the #7 models have become our most popular. The #7S models in Red and Black have become our most popular models out of the gate in those lines so that trend is continuing for us.”

Sean Answered Questions On Facebook Live 

At the end of the chat, Sean answered a few questions from the live chat in a Facebook Live.

WATCH: Facebook Live Q&A With Sean Toulon 

On The Effect Of A Putter’s Color On Alignment and Performance 

From Austie: “Color has an effect on a golfers confidence over the putter.  Some like black and some like silver just because they are more comfortable with that look.  Red was a real trend on Tour and in the market that was getting a lot of positive feedback. While we have done many different color putters in R&D, I have blue, red, yellow, white, green, etc…we have only brought colors players like…they seem to really like red.”

On What Really Makes The Microhinge Insert Special

From Tony: “Microhinge has over 150 hinges that are active at impact, and these hinges get the golf ball into an immediate forward roll. Very few milled putters have groove or forward roll technology to assist with forward roll.

This means nearly all milled putters generate backspin at impact. The ball skids until it achieves forward roll somewhere between the first couple feet of the putt. Backspin causes this skidding which can lead to putts bumping offline and inconsistent distance control. Microhinge is the state of the art technology when it comes to forward roll. Look for Microhinge to keep your ball on the intended line with consistent distance control.”

On How Different Hosels Impact Performance

From Luke: “Where our traditional #7 model has a double bend shaft which makes it face balanced, the slant neck in our #7S provides some toe hang. This toe hang makes it easier to open and close the face which many players like. For players that prefer more of a straight back straight through stroke or want to minimize face rotation a face balanced putter works well.”

On Customization Requests From Tour Players 

From Joe: “I would say Daniel Berger’s custom Red 2 ball is one of the craziest custom requests we have received recently. We used his old putter as a blueprint and made it better in every way! He absolutely loves his new custom Berger Ball!! We get a lot of requests for custom weld neck hosels. A Memphis with an H5 hosel for Pablo Larrazabal comes to mind. Patrick Reed also likes to do custom stampings and lasering on his putters. The more common requests from tour players are custom sight lines and custom paint.”

Great stuff from the team that’s responsible for the #1 Putter in Golf!

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