We are dedicated to crafting the best performing putters in the world. In our quest to create the best, we focused our efforts on three areas: sound, feel, and roll.


It’s been said that sound and feel are one in the same; it is true that they are intertwined. The moment of impact is what golfers are trained to pay attention to. It’s a way for us to begin to calibrate the result of the shot in our minds. So we began to study the factors that create sound and feel. In a putter, sound is primarily controlled by the material, the structure of the head, and the design of the face.

In our development process, we created twenty-five different prototypes with different shapes, materials and face mill patterns in an effort to better understand the relationship between sound and feel. In the end, we’ve created our unique Deep Diamond Mill face pattern milled from a solid block of soft 303 stainless steel that effectively channels the vibration of impact away from your ears to produce a slightly softer, yet still crisp, solid sound and incredible feel..


Creating great sound and feel are critical in the development of a great putter.  But so is roll.

We wanted the ball to roll better; a tighter roll that eliminates skid and starts with immediate forward roll. To improve the roll, we had to create the correct contact patch of putter face to golf ball. By creating the correct contact patch, not only can we control sound and feel, but we can also control the roll of the ball. Our objective was to create a harmony of sound, feel, and roll so that they’re all in sync.


All Toulon Design putters start the same way – from solid blocks of 303 stainless steel.

From there, the painstaking process of meticulously milling each piece of metal into a technical masterpiece begins. Each radius, every blend and every line has been totally considered, studied and perfected.



The center of the putter is where the engine of performance resides. Our Deep Diamond Mill pattern is the result of lengthy and strenuous prototyping and testing. After experimenting with twenty-five different milling patterns, we found our unique Deep Diamond Mill design to stand out from the others. The deep cross-hatch grooves control the sound and feel by channeling vibration. The small groove inside each diamond pattern is designed to improve the quality of the roll. It reduces backspin and creates a tighter, more forward roll from the moment of impact. With every Toulon Design putter you’ll experience incredible feel with a tighter roll that allows the ball to hold its line longer for unmatched performance.


Our adjustable sole plate is used to control weight. We offer aluminum (7g), stainless steel (20g), and tungsten (40g) plates. Using the different weights allows you to dial in the putter’s head weight to approximately 352g, 365g, or 385g respectively. This allows you to have a wide range of choices to match your feel and preference.


We have a very simple philosophy when it comes to fitting a putter to your stroke path, and it’s rooted in over 30 years of fitting golf clubs to golfers – including tour players. Simply put, we believe that the club helps to create the golf swing. In putting that means that the putter helps to create your putting stroke.

There are two fundamental ways to fit you in regard to head style. First, it is important to understand what type of stroke arc you are trying to create. It’s also important to recognize that all stoke paths can work great – as long as they repeat.

We developed our 2017 Collection to include a variety of head and hosel designs that can either complement or correct your stroke path. These designs provide you with options that appeal to the eye (very important) and that aid you in creating
the stroke you prefer. By varying the amount of toe hang a putter has, we can fit you to the type of stroke arc you like.

A putter with less toe hang will encourage a more straight-back, straight-through stroke. A putter with more toe hang will encourage a stroke to follow more of an arc. So if you like a more pronounced arc, you should look at a putter like the San Francisco that encourages this. If you favor a stroke that arcs a bit less, a more face balanced design like the Memphis is a better choice. Other models in our 2017 Collection – Madison, San Diego and Rochester – will work well with a stroke path that is more neutral or gently arcing.


Our standard head weights are approximately 352 grams, and come standard with either a Toulon Design Lamkin Deep Etch rubber grip, a SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour grip, or a Mid Slim 2.0 grip. The weight and balance of our line reflects the most popular specifications on Tour, and were most preferred during our extensive player testing. Should you prefer something different, all Toulon Design putters are adjustable for weight with our optional sole plate weighting system.


As of  January 1, 2016 the USGA and R&A officially deemed anchoring a putter against your body to be non-conforming. To provide golfers with an alternative to anchoring, Toulon Design has created two series of counter balanced options: Aggressive Release and Moderate Release. All of our putter models were designed with counter balance capabilities. This is achieved by adding a heavier sole plate to the head of the putter, and increasing the weight at the butt end of the club.

Toulon Design CounterBalanced putters offer a great solution for those golfers
that have used an anchoring method and/or those that want to create a more aggressive release of the putter.


AR Series putters feature our 40 gram tungsten sole plate, and our Toulon Design
14” SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 XL grip with a 50 gram butt end weight. Toulon Design AR Series putters help the golfer mimic the release point produced by a long or belly putter.


Grip down approximately three inches from the butt end of the grip. During the stroke, the 50 gram butt end weight will slow down the top section of the putter, allowing the head to more aggressively pass the hands for a pronounced release of the head. The Toulon Design AR Series is available in all models, and in a stock 38” length.


MR Series putters feature our 20 gram stainless steel sole plate and a Toulon Design SuperStroke Pistol Tour or Mid Slim 2.0 grip with a 25 gram butt end weight. Toulon Design MR Series putters help the golfer generate a slightly more pronounced release of the putter head, while maintaining a more traditional stroke and grip length.


Grip the putter as you normally would. During the stroke, the 25 gram butt end weight slightly slows down the top section of the putter, allowing the head to smoothly pass the hands for a smoother release of the putter. Because the MR Series utilizes standard lengths (33”- 36”) players will find this series very easy to
adjust to. Toulon Design MR Series is available in all models.

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