Maximum Forgiveness And A Smoother Stroke

EXO Putters with Stroke Lab shafts are a remarkable meeting of three of our newest innovations: EXO construction, White Hot Microhinge Insert, and Stroke Lab Weighting. The result is a spectacular line of high-tech mallets engineered to help any golfer make more putts.

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Our EXO line represents a new breakthrough in putter design. It’s designed with the highest MOI we’ve ever had, to create maximum forgiveness on every putt.

And with our innovative Stroke Lab shaft and our proven 2-Ball alignment, you have everything you need to be a better putter.


Legendary Alignment:

Our 2-Ball is one of the most iconic head shapes of all time, and we've made it even better to help improve your alignment.

More Forgiveness:

EXO is our most forgiving putter line of all time to give you more consistent ball speeds and directional control

Stroke Lab Shaft:

Our multi-material Stroke Lab shaft helps improve your tempo to promote a more consistent stroke.


Maximum Forgiveness From Multi-Material Construction

Multiple materials concentrate weight for incredibly high MOI, with more consistent speed control and directional control.

Legendary White Hot Feel and Immediate Roll

Iconic White Hot sound and feel combined with consistent accuracy and distance control from Microhinge.

Stroke Lab Shaft Weighting To Enhance Your Performance

Our revolutionary new multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft is designed for innovative weight distribution, dramatically changing performance dynamics to promote a smoother and more accurate stoke.

Mallets (And Mallets With Toe Hang)

EXO offers face balanced options (to reduce face rotation) and toe hang options (for more face rotation in the stroke) on each model.

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