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The 2-Ball Ten putters are so easy for me to help my students with alignment, along with triple track chrome balls is like cheating.

Alan Strang, PGA Teaching Professional
Golden Valley Country Club

The 2-ball Ten putter has rejuvenated my game on the greens. I’ve never felt more confident with a putter and it’s nice to see the ball dropping in the hole consistently again! Kevin Kirakossian, Dollar Driver Club

The Two Ball Ten is amazingly stable on off center hits as well as being very easy to line up. Brian Morrison, Olympia Fields CC

The Odyssey 2-ball Ten offers a variety of options for all skill levels, and sight preferences. Having access to a putter so stable through impact makes it infallible when helping my students become better golfers. Austin Davenport, PGA, The Dye Preserve

As a teacher I love the different alignment options within the Ten Series to fit my students. This putter has been a game changer in lowering their scores, an easy decision when it comes to an equipment change! Jeff Brockman, Master Professional, Mountain Gate Country Club

Ive been using the 2-Ball Ten Triple Track along with the Triple Track Golf Balls in my short game putting instructional series with great success – my students find immediate ease with aim and getting the putter and golf ball square to the intended target. Just a fantastic combination of putter and golf ball! Lori Van Sickle, PGA Certified Master Professional, Radley Run Country Club

Since changing to the 2 Ball Ten putter I feel like my lines are tight, my ten to twenty foot putts are now tap in’s…if not holed out, this putter has given me more confidence over the ball than I have ever experienced with any other putter. James Antonelli, Marshfield Country Club

The best decision I have made with a putter. Since putting the new 2-Ball Ten putter in the bag my confidence is better than ever before. I have more confidence with the easy alignment aid and feel off the face. If it’s not in your bag you are leaving strokes on the course! K.C. Harding – Soangetaha Country Club

The confidence and stability I feel is absolutely unparalleled with the Odyssey Ten 2ball. The Odyssey Ten 2Ball is by far the most effective putter I’ve fit to get my students to become better putters. Joe Frazier

I switched to 2-Ball Ten and could immediately see my start lines better, and could get my long and short putts rolling on these lines with much greater consistency! Steve Hudson, Director of Golf, John’s Island Club

I’ve never made as many putts as I do now that I have the 2-Ball Ten in the bag. I actually have confidence when standing over the ball. Everything is now makeable! Brian Riddle, PGA, Head Golf Professional, TPC Sawgrass

Ive played the previous 2 ball before with great success but the two ball ten with the stroke lab shaft has taken my putting to an entirely different level. Michael George

After switching to the new 10, my first tournament with it, the south Florida senior open. I birdied the first 5 holes on route to a 65 and 2nd place finish. Not bad for my first event with the putter and adding the triple track ball. Steve Vecellio, PGA Professional

No putter has instantly improved my alignment like the new Ten S. Easy as point and shoot!

Josh Scothorne
Walter E. Hall Golf Course

The 2-Ball Ten putter is a cheat code for making more putts. I cant get any personal practice sessions in because members keep taking it out of my hands to try. They love the different options for alignment and toe hang that match their stroke. It’s a must have for 2021! Lakeside Golf Club, Steve Van Leeuwn

The 2-Ball Ten is a great putter for a player looking for more accurate alignment and face control through impact. My students are seeing a better start line and a straighter roll on their putts. Kyle Mendoza, The Farms Golf Club

When fitting students for putters, the 2-Ball Ten Series is the way to go for any level of player. Mike Giammaresi, General Manager, Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club

Phil hits bombs with his new Epic Speed Driver. I drop bombs with my new Odyssey 2-Ball Ten. Joel Ostlund, Director of Golf, Tonto Verde

The 2-ball Ten has me rolling the ball more confidently than ever! Easy alignment, great feel…. I TRUST this putter. Eric Knotts, PGA, Head Golf Professional, Harmony Club

Since switching to the new 2-ball TEN, I’ve made more putts in the last 6 months than I did in the prior 6 years. My alignment is improved, thus my start lines are markedly better and the ball gets rolling sooner resulting in more made putts. For my students, I love all the options the TEN series provides which appeals to many different players and can help make any student immediately better where it really counts. Ryan Lanzen, PGA | General Manager, Troon Privé

I tell everyone that the Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter is the only “no miss” putter that I have ever used. It is so easy to align that if the pace is calculated correctly, I am shocked if the ball does not go in the hole! Steve Scheuermann – PGA Director of Golf Instruction, Treetops Resort

I’ve gone from being the worst putter ever to the bottom third. Thanks 2-Ball Ten!
The 2-Ball Ten series is hands down 10 out of 10. Why wouldn’t you use it?
Matt Klein, PGA, General Manager/Head Golf Professional, Austin Golf Club

The 2-ball Ten has been amazing for my customers..the stability, alignment options and confidence inspired look has repeatedly been a great seller. It’s easy to get behind a product that helps people make more putts and have more fun. Trent Maxwell, Director of Custom Fitting, Windmill Golf Center

The 2-Ball Ten Series is an amazing tool for my younger golfers in my Spring and Summer Camps. The game is growing and the 2 Ball helps these beginner and junior golfers sink more putts! Their excitement is contagious! Amy Adams, GM Rock Harbor Golf Course

As an Assistant Pro/Club fitter, The 2-Ball Ten series has improved each one of my student’s alignment by at least 50%. Ethan Wessel, Assistant Golf Professional, Wisconsin Club of Milwaukee

The 2 Ball Ten Tour Lined is amazing! I love mine. I still have my Tank Red #1 and Stroke Lab V-Line, but they are now officially “collecting dust.” Jason Powers, Assistant Golf Professional, Oakbourne Country Club

Oh Yes It Has…Been The Putter Of Interest Here At Riverbend CC In Houston, Texas! The “Ten” Shape Gives Golfers The Ability To Putt With More Confidence And The Exceptional Alignment System (The 2-Ball And The Triple Track) Along With A Head Construction That Is Both Sleek And Forgiving Makes This The Best Putter To Frame The Ball At Address. It Is A WINNER! Deb Vangellow, LPGA Master Of Instruction, Callaway Master Staff

I switched to the 2-ball ten triple track and my confidence on the greens is higher than ever because I’m rolling the ball better than ever. Peyton Keeffer, Thunder Hills CC

Since switching to the 2 Ball 10 Tour Lined, I am more confident that I am lined up correctly to the putt, and with the microhinge insert in the face, I put a better roll on the ball.
Since I made the switch, I have never been a better putter and felt so confident on the greens.
Wyeth Catlin | Assistant Golf Professional, Tournament Director, Anthem Country Club

I have always struggled with lining up putts especially birdie putts, but with my new Odyseey 2-Ball Ten putter it was helped me make more birdies than ever before. Really helping me win more skins! Ryan Gumpper, Head Golf Professional, Stonehedge Golf Course, Gull Lake View Resort

By far the easiest putter to align I’ve ever owned. I’m making more putts than ever before! Buddy Linderman, Butternut Creek Golf Course

I made the switch to the 2 Ball Ten before I even attempted a putt with it. My putts per round went from mid 30’s down to mid 20’s. Justin Morris I Head Golf Professional

As a player and teacher I love the different alignment options within the Ten Series to fit my game and my students.

Jeremy Hyjek
Ford’s Colony Country Club

I’ve been looking for this putter for years!! The 2-Ball Ten stays so stable and square it feels like I can’t miss. Craig Davis, Nike and Callaway Professional Staff, PGA Director of Golf, Boulder Ridge Golf Club

I switched to the 2-Ball Ten putter because it is easy to align. I am now confident as ever over all of my putts! Dennis Rye, Director of Golf, Mizner Country Club

I switched to the ten but not two ball ten. Love my putter though. Love the alignment aid and I’m making more short putts than ever. J. “Doc” Griffin

I switched to the 2 Ball Ten S putter, it’s been the smoothest roll I’ve ever had. The 2 ball makes it easy to line up and hit your spots. By far the best change in my bag this year, pouring it into the cup has never been easier! Jake Malone, Assistant Golf Professional, Bay View Golf Club

The parents of my 2 Ball Ten should be extremely proud because this baby is an over- achiever. Steve Wintersteen

I switched to the Tens Triple Track design and love the alignment aid, especially when using the Chrome Soft Triple Track. While I am not a PGA professional, I do get to play a fair amount and have definitely seen an increase in made putts so far this season. The Tens is also an easy putter to sell to our members. Michael Van Sickle, Radley Run Country Club

All my life I have been a blade guy. But when I got my hands on the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten putter I instantly fell in love. This putter looks incredible, feels unbelievable and performs like no other. The birdies are dropping when this putter is in hand! Nick Gianatsis

I have always considered myself above average at reading greens and establishing a line. My issue has always been with my sight alignment. While I know what line I want to get my putt started on, I have never been quite sure I actually have my putter on that line. Switching to the 2-Ball Ten has been a game changer for me. My alignment has improved drastically giving me more confidence I am starting my putt where I need to and the result has been holing more putts. Gavin Green, The Links at Gettysburg

The 2 Ball Ten Putter offers so many benefits to help improve your putting. You simply align the 2 balls with your golf ball and stroke it. You will be amazed on how the feel and distance control this putter produces. By combining the 2 ball look with the incredible feel of the new stroke lab shaft, makes one wonder how you ever miss a putt. If you miss a putt, it has to be the imperfect surface! Sam Arnold

I have been a long time Callaway Master Staff / Staff Member. Always played a blade type putter. Odyssey One / Stroke Lab One & Toulon Austin Style Putters. This Spring the 2-Ball Ten Tour Lined putter caught my eye. Has enabled be to better square the putter head to my target, get more putters started on line and make more putts over all. The 2-ball Ten Tour quickly became the gamer in my bag. Keith Niles, PGA, Director of Golf Operations, Louisquisset Golf Club

The 2-Ball Ten Series putter is the best 2-Ball yet. It makes putting easy from lining it up to the ball going into the hole. I have full confidence when putting with my 2-Ball Ten. Jon Pazdera, PGA, Cypress Lake Golf Club

I recently ran an Odyssey Putting Clinic at my Club and over 75% of the participants walked away with the new 2 Ball Ten. Mike McGonigal, PGA, Head Golf Professional, Egypt Valley Country Club

I struggle with alignment and starting the putt on the desired line. Since using the Two Ball-Ten I have seen a big improvement in both. Kevin Fitzgerald, Head Golf Profesional, Kankakee CC

The 2-Ball Putter gives our members confidence in both aligning properly but also a consistent pace of the putt while not always striking the ball in the center of the putter face. I’ve witnessed players with little self-confidence gain self-assurance quickly that their putting can and has improved. Russ Miller, Director of Golf, The Broadmoor

I have always favored the 2-Ball putter since it’s introduction in the last century! The 2-Ball Ten is a super balanced (I use toe-hang) with great visuals for alignment. The 2-Ball Ten is a favorite with many of my players at the George Pinnell Golf Academy. George Pinnell

The 2-ball ten putter rolls the ball better than any other putter I’ve ever seen in my 32 years as a PGA Member in Southern California!! With its easy alignment design you visualize and feel the direction of your putts with greater feel and confidence for optimum direction and pace for your ball to roll into the middle of the cup.
Try it yourself you’ll be so happy to lower your number of putts per round!!
Tim Walsh, PGA Life Member

I’m normally a pretty good putter, but recently I had been struggling with both my aim, on those dreaded left to right putts, and from distance (outside 20’.) Seems with our perfect So Cal weather, the superintendent at both the club I run, Monarch Beach Golf Links, and the club I belong to, Santa Ana Country Club, had gotten our greens especially fast and smooth. I was having a hard job adjusting and felt a change might help me out. It sure did. I went from several three putts per round to almost never three putting, making a few more mid range putts (10’ to 20’) and rarely ever missing inside 5’. Eric Lohman, PGA, General Manager, Monarch Beach Golf Links

The 2-ball Ten is a hit with my members! They see improved alignment, better roll, and as a result make more putts. Gordon Bennett, PGA, Ventana Canyon Golf & Racquet Club, Tucson, Arizona

Recently switched to the 2-Ball Ten putter and the immediate results are so good…my alignment is much improved, impact feels incredibly solid and way more putts are finding their way into the hole.
Kyle Kelly, Tamarisk Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA

As a teacher and fitter the Two Ball triple track helps with two very important elements. Alignment at set up and face control at impact Tom Ream

The 2 Ball Ten is so good inside 5’feet, it’s almost not fair John J. Cooper Jr. PGA Head Golf Professional, Green Valley C.C.

I have been playing golf for many years. To me the single most important club in the bag is the putter. For many years I have tried many different models from every golf equipment company. Putting with the “2-Ball Ten Tour Lined” has regained my confidence that I can line the putter head to the intended line and it gives me immediate roll. I am seeing more putts drop from all lengths.
Joe Madsen, PGA, General Manager, Tucson City Golf


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