Performance and Artistry

At Toulon Design, we have an obsessive pursuit of perfection for our milled putters. That same obsession applies to the Toulon Garage, a unique customization platform where golfers can design their own putter. These are built by the same craftsmen who make putters for the best in the world. And now we’re beyond excited to share our newest limited edition Small Batch.

Small Batch is an avenue where we can exercise our creativity on unique offerings. These include new designs, materials, finishes, hosels, hand welds, mill patterns, and stamps. As craftsmen, nothing gets us more excited than new products that move golfers emotionally, while showcasing our artistry and our continued dedication to making the best milled putters in the world.

Introducing Toulon Design Concept RS

Concept RS represents further study into the refinement of performance and aesthetics for Toulon Design putters. These exceedingly rare examples have unique design features that showcase extreme attention to the most intricate details, new materials, and in many cases new finishes.

The first offering, the Small Batch Santa Monica RS explores a new material – 904L stainless steel. Used by one of the most renowned Swiss watch makers, this material is uniquely interesting for use in a putter. Because of its properties, 904L is very time consuming and difficult to machine. But as in this case, incredible things come to those with patience. Slowing down the machining process and using specially made tools, this material comes to life in unimaginable ways. 904L polishes to a luster unseen in putter making and provides a feel that is so pure and rewarding – it is difficult to define.

The Santa Monica RS is a lighter weight version of our sought after Santa Monica with special attention paid to the final shape of the shoulders, the shallower bumpers and the thinner flange. The top line is slightly flatter for a more tailored look that better compliments the squareness of the look from address.

Finished in a midnight blue with light grey and white accents, this putter is simply stunning in every way.

Priced at $2,000, 25 will be offered in this Small Batch release. Available in RH only and built to your length.

Santa Monica RS Putter


Only 25 Available