Performance and Artistry

At Toulon Design, we have an obsessive pursuit of perfection for our milled putters. That same obsession applies to the Toulon Garage, a unique customization platform where golfers can design their own putter. These are built by the same craftsmen who make putters for the best in the world. And now we’re beyond excited to share our newest limited edition Small Batch.

Small Batch is an avenue where we can exercise our creativity on unique offerings. These include new designs, materials, finishes, hosels, hand welds, mill patterns, and stamps. As craftsmen, nothing gets us more excited than new products that move golfers emotionally, while showcasing our artistry and our continued dedication to making the best milled putters in the world.

Past Small Batch Releases

SSM Proto

Our SSM Proto was our first Small Batch project and this traditional putter design was very fitting to institute this program. This putter features Deep Diamond Mill on both sides of the putter head with Odyssey and Toulon branding.


The Small Batch Azalea was made in the sole accordance of the Augusta major championship in the Fall season in the year of 2020. This putter was designed by Sean Toulon in collaboration with a former Tournament champion.


Small Batch SFO brings back the San Francisco shape from the original 2016 Toulon Design collection but with modifications to Ryo Ishikawa’s requests that includes an elegant high toe design. This release was offered in four Micro Batches including a fly cut, fine diamond mill, tour black finish, and sapphire blue finish.


Small Batch Latrobe is a putter surely fit for a King. This putter has been used by some of greatest players in the history of the game including one who had an affection for the color of pink. Latrobe is a putter that is extremely difficult to machine and one that we are proud to include into this collection.

Hockey Stick Putter

The one and only hockey blade style putter used to win the 1996 Gold Jacket is finally back in this limited Small Batch release! This celebrates the 25th anniversary of the hockey player’s upset victory in the infamous 1996 Tour Championship!