Performance and Artistry

At Toulon Design, we have an obsessive pursuit of perfection for our milled putters. That same obsession applies to the Toulon Garage, a unique customization platform where golfers can design their own putter. These are built by the same craftsmen who make putters for the best in the world. And now we’re beyond excited to share our newest limited edition Small Batch.

Small Batch is an avenue where we can exercise our creativity on unique offerings. These include new designs, materials, finishes, hosels, hand welds, mill patterns, and stamps. As craftsmen, nothing gets us more excited than new products that move golfers emotionally, while showcasing our artistry and our continued dedication to making the best milled putters in the world.

Toulon Small Batch Fourth Run


Based on one of the most significant designs in the history of putter making, the Toulon Design Small Batch Latrobe would have certainly been fit for a King.

This heel shafted blade design was used by many great players over the years and has won on nearly all of the game’s grandest stages. Our latest offering celebrates the traditional opening of the golf season, the blooming of spring flowers and one of the season’s most prestigious tournaments.

The Black Pearl PVD finish on our Latrobe compliments the putter head’s subtleties beautifully, from the gentle blend of the hosel into the blade, the nuanced under sling of the back of the top line and the precise milling of the entire head. The elegant Latrobe design aesthetic is visually fluid and clean, yet it’s incredibly difficult to machine.

The head features a color motif resplendent in our own Pink Azalea with pearlescent white accents. It is joined with a simple, yet appropriate, stepless flare tip bright chrome shaft, and a one-off Toulon Design pistol grip with matching Pink Azalea accents.

Its purity in style and performance speaks for itself, and it’s one of the most desirable and artistic putters that we’ve ever had the privilege of crafting. The sole plate is machined from tungsten, bringing the head weight up to a more modern 340 grams. And while the modern specifications make this putter very playable today it will also be a great addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

This Small Batch Toulon Design Latrobe run is limited to 20 pieces.

Toulon Small Batch Fourth Run

Toulon Design Latrobe