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Dylan Frittelli

Triple Track Model: Ten

Triple Track Ten has everything I want in a putter. It’s easy to find the right line, and the shape gives me confidence over the ball.

Si-Woo Kim

Triple Track Model: Ten

Any golfer can improve their alignment with Triple Track.

Pablo Larrazabal

Triple Track Model: Ten

Alignment is one of the biggest keys to putting. And that’s where Triple Track gives me such a big advantage.

JJ Spaun

Triple Track Model: Ten

I feel like I have the perfect alignment on every putt.

Chris Stroud

Triple Track Model: Triple Track Prototype

I switched to Triple Track and I now have so much less to think about standing over the ball. I can focus on making a solid stroke as my new tools take care of the alignment. Matthew Eisner, Vanderbilt CC

Triple Track really helps visually with alignment even if you do not use the Triple Track ball. Jim Nittoli, San Antonio Country Club

I switched to Triple Track and putting is now as easy as point and click! Tristen Fay, Fort Collins CC

I switched to Triple Track putter and ball and I am confident I am aligned correctly, which lets me focus solely on making a pure stroke. Mike Kegin, Westborough Country Club

With all the alignment benefits of the Triple Track putter in conjunction with the Triple Track golf ball, it has NEVER been easier to get the proper alignment! Frank Staley, Eagle Springs Golf Club

I switched to the Triple Track putter and I have never been more confident in my alignment. Combine that with a triple track chrome soft, I am making more putts than ever before. It’s almost like cheating. David O’Neal

I have always been a pretty decent putter but I switched to triple track and legitimately became lights out. At address I know I’m on line and I know where square is at all times…I’ll never go back! Leighton Smith

After switching to Triple Track I know longer have to worry about my line, I can just focus on the speed. Virgil Herring

I switched to Triple Track and I don’t have to second guess my alignment ever again. Will advise all of my students to try it out and make the switch for sure. Steven Calamari, GOLFTEC

I switched to Triple Track on both my putter and ball and I’ve never putted better. Mark Turner, The Golf Club at Indigo Run

I’ve switched to Triple Track and feel like aiming has never been easier. You line up the ball, set the putter down, and are ready to go! I have taken all my students through an aim test with Triple Track and almost everyone improves their aim with the ball and/or putter combination.​ Putting has never seemed easier! Michael Marchbanks, GOLFTEC

I switched to Triple Track and it’s turned the worst part of my game into one of my best, and my most confident. Chris Mann, Maple Brooks GC

I can’t imagine using a Triple Track ball and a Triple Track putter not improving a player’s putting.

Jeff Strong

I set the ball. Back up. Check the alignment. Set up and trust the line. Bottom of the cup. Rinse and repeat. No more 3 putts and anything inside 10 feet feels like it’s gotta drop. @dacatalyst (Instagram)

I’m better aligned and I make more putts. It’s just that simple. @shaneb0t (Instagram)

Triple Track allows my focus to go towards speed control. Knowing that my alignment is spot on, completely frees up my stroke and mind. @wickedgoodgolfer (Instagram)

Triple Track totally eliminates the guesswork of whether my putter face is aligned to my intended line. @pauljacquesgolf (Instagram)

Triple Track alignment removes the pressure and provides confidence as you set up to putt. It’s like having a cheat sheet for your exams but its legal. @munawwirkhan (Instagram)

It makes putting so much easier, I feel I have an unfair advantage and don’t understand why everyone isn’t using it. @marcowashington (Instagram)

The Triple Track takes away all questions of rolling the ball on course. Triple the track of alignment, it’s the business! @repoman_brad (Instagram)

Triple Track is a no brainer! This technology built on an already solid Stroke Lab design will help you hole more putts. @wess.amess (Instagram)

Triple Track now allows me to totally trust my alignment over the ball and helped me to my 1st win in my 1st event this year. @shaungolf86 (Instagram)

It makes putting seem so easy my alignment is spot on every time and it also boosts my confidence level. @harry_ho_golf (Instagram)

Eat my shorts, 3 putts! @hieppygilmore (Instagram)

The Triple Track has revolutionized alignment in putter design. It has made the best putters even better and in my mind is a complete game changer for amateurs and pros looking to improve their putting. @birdiebuster72 (Instagram)

This putter is great! It helps me to line up my putts more efficiently, and the end result is more made putts! @jordan_cookston (Instagram)

Triple Track, along with the Triple Track golf ball is a game changer. Having everything lined up as one allows me to focus less about the line and more about speed. @ahesselgolf (Instagram)

Hands down the most effortless way to putt. @ksible2 (Instagram)

Triple Track helps remove 50% of the complications with putting. @jayden_tucknott_ (Instagram)

Line it up and watch it drop. @ac1974lfc (Instagram)

I’m better aligned and I make more putts. It’s just that simple.

@shaneb0t (Instagram)

I switched to Triple Track and not only am I more confident in my line and stroke, but I’ve lowered my putts per round by almost 4 per round. Hunter Roberts, Quail Creek

I switched to Triple Track and have seen how easy it is to get the ball rolling on line to have a chance to make every putt! Accurate feedback equals more putts holed! Micah Vugrinec, Highland CC

I switched to Triple Track because I have seen it turn bad aimers into good aimers. Sonny Skinner, Spring Hill CC

I’ve switched to Triple Track and it’s the most trusted club in my bag. Joey DiPompo, The Downs Golf Facility

The Triple Track System (putter combined with the Triple Track ball) takes the guesswork out of alignment, period! Tim Jenkins, The Country Club of Arkansas

I can’t imagine using a Triple Track ball and a Triple Track putter not improving a player’s putting. Jeff Strong

I switched to Triple Track and it has allowed me to see the line so clearly that I can eliminate any doubt my alignment is off and focus only on line. Chris Hantla, Hantla Golf

I didn’t miss a putt inside of 10 feet. I don’t usually use the lines, but I tried it and shot my best round in two years! Definitely sold on Triple Track! Rob Ellis, The Club at Osprey Cove

Sometimes the best things are the simplest. This design allows you more freedom in your approach to putting. I’ve used the same two-ball for 9 years, but after one round of using the Triple Track ball and the triple track ten putter, I have no hesitation in making the permanent switch to it in tournament play. Andy Mickelson

I switched to the Triple Track putter and it’s given me the confidence and ability to more accurately align my putter and trust the line Shawn Costello, Boca Grove

I switched to Triple Track and can’t believe the difference it made in aim, alignment and visualization! Steve Hosack

Triple Track has helped my students with two very important skills, face aim at address and face at impact Tom Ream, Prestonwood CC

I switched to Triple Track and I no longer have to worry about alignment, which in turn allows me to put more focus on the speed! Jeff King, Mission Hills CC

I added the Triple Track putter to my Triple Track golf balls and I’ve never putted better! Getting properly aligned is so easy now. Steve Isley

I switched to Triple Track and I never second guess my line anymore. Such a confidence builder! Joe Butler

I have switched to Triple Track it has transformed my alignment and so many of my students!! One of the biggest changes I have seen for many years!! David Armitage

I’ve seen Triple Track get poor putters to aim properly for the first time in their life- it was “life-changing” for their game. Gordon Bennett, The Lodge at Vantana Canyon

I switched to Triple Track and started making more putts. The putter I use last year had a single sight line. I never felt like I was aligned correctly. With with the Triple Track I see railroad tracks leading to the hole. Paul Brannon, GOLFTEC


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